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Jackie L. Maternity Session

I was contacted by Jackie early on in her pregnancy inquiring about maternity photos for later.  We were able to get some pictures taken before I went out of town for vacation.  I promised her at least one edited photo before I left, and then would work on the rest when I got back.

Still working on the photos from the session, but I was able to give her some of them.  I hate to leave people hanging waiting.  But Jackie was very patient with me.

I can’t wait to meet the little guy when he finally arrives.  We will be doing newborn photos with him!  I can’t wait!  I love doing newborn pictures…gives me my “baby fix!”  My baby is now a 19 year old grown up little girl; so any time I get to hold and cuddle babies is a plus!

I asked Jackie about trying a new way of photographing her new baby.  We are going to be doing a combination of posed photos and some lifestyle photos.  My heart is leading me to this type of photography for newborns.  I am excited and nervous for my first lifestyle photo shoot with Jackie; but I know we will be able to get some amazing photos.

IMG_7634 copy.jpg.2

IMG_7745 copy IMG_7729 copy.jpg.2 IMG_7649 copy


Zabdiel 6 month photos

I met Zabdiel when he was only a couple of weeks old…Maybe 6 weeks.  Zabdiel’s parents were referred to me by another client of mine.  I love when I get referrals like that!

I was asked to do Zabdiel’s 6 month pictures and a special request from mom.  Mom had just graduated college and didn’t have any pictures taken of her with her cap and gown.  I jumped at the chance to do them!  I’m always wanting to do photos I haven’t had the chance to do.  Graduation pics is one of those!  Now, granted, I took pictures of my daughter on her graduation day from high school.  But this is different.  This was college!  And she wasn’t family!

It took a little bit for little Z to warm up to me, but once he did…he was all smiles for me!

And little Z even had a matching cap and gown to cheer Mom on at her graduation!  Loved it!IMG_6757 copy IMG_6794 copy.jpg.2 IMG_6910 copy IMG_6988 copy IMG_6992 copy IMG_7051

Project 365 | Day 31

Saturday Morning

The last day of the month!  I have done it!  I have taken a picture and posted them for everyday!  I’m really hoping I can continue the trend for the rest of the year.   I’ve heard other people quit after a couple of months, but I promised myself that I would really try and finish this.

My Saturday morning…this morning was quiet.  The dogs woke me up wanting to be fed and to go outside.  Hubby and daughter were still sleeping, so I turned on the TV and the computer, made my breakfast and sat down to check my email and of course check Facebook.  Drinking my coffee, I realized I hadn’t gone through a lot of files that I had downloaded recently.  So, I started going through all of my zip files, and putting them in the right folders.  I’m a little OCD about my photography files, and have them all in different folders depending on what they are.

My day planner is always out on the computer desk with me…I have some Valentine’s photo sessions later today; so prepping for that as well.

Now, that hubby and daughter are up, time to get moving and get my studio ready for this afternoon!


Oh Baby…

I had someone contact me last week to take newborn pictures of their new baby boy.  He was born on Christmas Day.  They weren’t able to get pictures done during the Christmas break though.  She contacted me about Christmas pictures, but I had already put my Christmas decorations and props away.  I referred her to a fellow photographer, but she never booked a session with her.  She contacted me again and wanted me to take her newborn’s pictures.  I love taking pictures of newborns, but for some reason; they are asleep for the first 10-15 minutes, and then decide to wake up and stay awake for the rest of the session.  I have space heaters, white noise, everything that I should have…but they still like to be awake.  So, most of my newborn pictures are with their eyes wide open.  Which I like.  But I would like to get some sleepy pictures too!!  IMG_9583 copy IMG_9594_edited-1 copy IMG_9609_edited-1 copy IMG_9621_edited-1 copyIMG_9629_edited-1 copy