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Project 365 | Day 86


Day 86

I prefer sugar on the rim than salt…but hubby likes salt.  Not my favorite go to drink either.  I love me some Pina Coladas!  Anything with coconut really.  How about you?!?!?!


Project 365 | Days 84-85

Day 84

What I’m looking at

Day 84

I gave Tater and Lily some doggie ice cream….it’s so funny watching them…they chase that little tub all over porch licking it clean.

Day 85

My addiction

Hi…my name is Sherri.  And I have an addiction.  With nail polish.  Yeah…there’s probably close to 100 bottles in this container.  Had to find a container big enough to store them all in!  And yet, you will hardly ever see my nails painted.

Day 85

Project 365 | Days 82-83

Day 82 Me

I have such a hard time with these pictures.  I am the one behind the camera, not in front of it!  I took a lot of pictures, and didn’t like any them, delete them, and start over…this one was the best one that I saved….not the best, but I was trying something different.

Day 82

Day 83 On the floor

Tater didn’t even move when I laid down on the floor to take his picture…just looked at me, like just get it over with will ya?!?!?

Day 83

Project 365 | Day 75

What I did today….

Today, I started the day at 5 AM with a strength training workout.  I go to the gym every single day and work out.  Even though I don’t see any weight loss, I keep on going.

Day 75

Then after work, I came home and started making dinner.  Meatless Mondays.  So, green peppers, mushrooms, and pasta in an alfredo sauce.  Topped with smoked cheese.  AMAZING!!

Day 75.2

And now, for the end of my night, this is what I’m working on…a cute little boy!

Day 75.3

Project 365 | Days 68-69

Day 68…On my plate.

I had taken a picture of my dinner last night before eating it.  I uploaded it this morning, and it was all blurry.  Guess I need to start wearing my glasses while I’m taking pictures as well!  Right now, I just wear them at work while on the computer or reading.  Guess that will change though; it really sucks getting older!  Anyways, I did take an iPhone pic of my lunch yesterday.  I have a trainer and he keeps me accountable.  So, I have to send him a pic of my meals to make sure I’m not cheating.


chicken and rice.  It’s basically what I have everyday for lunch.  And some sort of veggie.  And of course, I have my sugar free Jello…gotta have something sweet in there somehow!

Day 69…Metal

I took this this morning, before heading out for work.  This is part of my husband’s motorcycle.  Nice and shiny.  He just cleaned it up because he went on a ride over the weekend with his buddies.  I sometimes go on the rides with him…but I’d rather go off-roading in my Jeep!