Project 365 | Day 7


Another dog post.  I was walking around the house this morning, trying to figure out what to take a picture of.  Then I saw Tater laying down on the floor looking up at me.  Then it hit me.

IMG_9529-1 (1)

We leave the dogs out to roam about the house when we are gone during the day.  We used to kennel them; but Lily…she has destroyed so many kennels.  She gets so upset when we kennel them…she has broken teeth trying to get out of the kennel.  So, we started leaving them out.  I keep the blinds in the front room shut so they can’t look out the window and bark at everyone or everything that passes by.  We also give them a treat to snack one when we leave; to keep them occupied.

This is where we keep their treats in the laundry room.  I got down on the floor at Tater’s level and looked up to see what he saw.  He sees those treats every day.  I wonder if he sits there and stares at them like he stares at me when he is hungry…I should set up a camera….(and yes, that is a bottle of wine up there too!)


Project 365 | Day 6

Calm.  I didn’t know what to take a picture of.  I could of searched for a stock picture on the internet for the beach.  That, to me, is calm.  I have some pictures from when I lived close to the beach, but they are from years ago.  So, I had to find something else.

Meet Tater.  He is a puggle.  Which is a mix of a Pug and a Beagle.  He is 7 years old, and he is what calms me.

We actually got him as a companion to our other dog, Lily.  She has a lot of issues including separation anxiety.  We were hoping another dog would help her with that. (It didn’t…she still has a ton of issues!)  But he is very much a part of the family now.  He is very intelligent and ornery and playful all in one.  He has a built in timer in his fat little body about when it is time to eat.  We feed the dogs twice a day at 7 am before I leave for work, and at 8 pm at night.  About 15 minutes til 8; he starts pacing and staring at us.  Just sitting there staring….and staring….not sure if he understands me when I tell him that he still have 15 minutes before he eats. But I tell him that anyways.

He barks at everything though…the kids on the other side of the fence behind our house; the UPS Truck that rolls by the house in the front; and especially the doorbell.

But he also calms me down and makes me feel better whenever I need it.  He sits right next to the couch next to my feet and looks up at me and those eyes…he makes everything okay.


Project 365 | Day 5

Breakfast…the most important meal of the day “they say.”  I don’t know who “they” are though.  Although I eat breakfast every single day.  I cannot go more than an hour after waking up without having to eat.  I just have to have breakfast.

I wake up at 0430 in the morning.  Well, I set my alarm for 0430.  Hit the snooze once, and get out of bed at 0440.  Put my workout clothes on, and come downstairs.  Eat my banana and drink my Spark from Advocare. Then I’m out the door by 5 am.

Go the gym and workout for about an hour, and then I come home and have breakfast.  I prepped food yesterday and have plenty of good, healthy breakfasts ready and on hand for this week. This morning’s breakfast was a Simple Green Smoothie that I found on Slender Kitchen.  The best money I’ve ever spent on a meal plan right there.  They email you a meal plan for the week, along with a shopping list and all of the recipes.  Plus, they have a ton of recipes if you want to change them out.  We have eaten a lot of different meals for dinner that we usually wouldn’t have tried.  It definitely gets us out of our comfort zone.

I’ve had green smoothies in the past.  I participated in a 30 day green smoothie challenge several times.  I really do like them.  I made my husband drink one this morning too.  He’s still not sure on them though.  This one had spinach, pineapple, mango, and a banana in it.  Along with the smoothie, I had 2 slices of bacon and my Crystal Light Orange drink.

The other breakfasts I prepped already are mushroom egg muffins and some egg and bean quesadillas.  Can’t wait to try them!

Started a new workout program this morning as well.  I’ve been going to the gym for a while now at 5 am, and there were a lot more people there this morning!  That resolution crowd….we’ll see how it is by the end of the month.  I like going at 5 am because there aren’t many people there…I downloaded a new app called Gain Fitness. Right now, it’s only for the iPhone, so hubby can’t download it, since he has an Android.  But for a free app, it’s pretty awesome!


Project 365 | Day 4

Today is the color RED.

I chose my flowers that I carried at my wedding.  I have them in a case that is actually meant for a football, I think.  I got it at Michael’s.  I have my cake topper in there and our toasting glasses.  I have the case on our entertainment center right next to the TV.

My sister in law made my flowers for me.  That was our wedding gift from her.  All of flowers done for the wedding.  I also have a wicker basket with a lot of the red roses and greenery and I have that in my room on the top of our armoire.  Wow…those flowers are over 10 years old!  Gotta love fake flowers!

We got married in my hometown of Goldsboro in North Carolina.  Hubby was stationed at good old Seymour Johnson AFB; where my dad retired from the Air Force.  We got married in the Officer’s club, because it was nicer than the Enlisted Club, and closer to the front gate for people to find.  A simple wedding, since we both had been married before.  My dress was actually a bridesmaid’s dress that was an off white color. Just me and hubby.  My dad still walked me down the aisle; and my baby girl, adjusted the small train I had on the dress.  I had a dance with both of my sons; my new husband had a dance with my daughter.  And then our dance.

I remember that there was something going on that day, and not a lot of my husband’s co-workers could attend the wedding, but they all showed up at the reception; all in their camo uniforms.  So, I have a lot of pictures of people in uniform.  Of course, hubby wore his dress blues for the wedding.  I’ve always been a sucker for a man in uniform, especially his dress blues!IMG_9516_edited-1 IMG_9519_edited-1

Day 3 | 365 My Outfit Today

Today, is Saturday…which means it’s my day off.  I dress up every day at work since I work in an office.  Weekends for me are very comfortable…so sweats and t-shirt for me today and minimal makeup.  Another reason is the weekends is when I clean the house; more so today since it’s the beginning of the year.  I just cleaned out my closet and have a TON of clothes to take to the local thrift shop.  No use hanging on to clothes that I “may” fit in one day…by then, I will want a whole new wardrobe!  So, out with the old, and in with the new!

I have committed to several things for this year, including this daily photo challenge; but also a de-clutter the house daily challenge as well.  I found this awesome website…I was scrolling through FB, and one of my friends had liked the page; so I went over and checked it out.    Home Storage Solutions – 52 weeks to an organized home.  They also have a FB page too!

So far I’ve been doing it since it’s only supposed to be 15 minutes per day.  I can do that!  Along with all of the other things I’ve committed to doing!!  We’ll see how it goes.

Here is today’s picture…FullSizeRender

Project 365 | Day 2

Day 2…New…I got this bracelet for Christmas from my husband and the kids.  My husband and daughter picked out the first couple of charms.  Then I got some money from my sister in law and decided to use the money to get more charms.  I got the birthstone charms for my kids.  I have 2 December babies and 1 September baby.  Now, looking at the bracelet, the December charms are very similar to the blue charms hubby got me for Christmas.  He was going for a beachy theme on my bracelet.  Since I am from NC, and am a beach and water person.  So, he got me the 3 dangly charms and two blue crystal charms to remind me of the ocean water.  I also got the two tone Love charm as well.

I am thinking of getting another bracelet to put my family charms on and keep this one a beachy theme….who knows…maybe I’ll like 6 different bracelets all with different themes!  Think hubby will go for that?!?!

Hope everyone had a good and safe New Year’s.  We spent ours with friends at the beginning of the night and just the two of us at midnight.  As we were walking home from our friend’s house, it started snowing!!!  In Tucson!!!  I occassionally happens, but very rarely.  I had my cell phone and took some pics but when I got home, I grabbed my camera and stood outside in the snow taking pictures.  It was still on the ground when we woke up New Year’s Day, but was gone by the end of the day.  Still it was nice to see, but also glad to see it go.  I love living in the desert for the mere fact that I only have to wear a jacket every once in a while during the winter months.  We do have to suffer three digit temps in the summer; but as they all say…”It’s a dry heat!”


Project 365…Day 1

Well, I have committed to the world wide web that I would be doing a photography project called Project 365.  Basically, I take a picture and document.  I’m following the Bethadilly Challenge for my inspiration.  Today’s picture is…Resolution.  I always make the same resolution every year…to get healthy…I think I am pretty healthy…for an overweight person.  But I’m getting tired of making this same resolution every year.  I joined Weight Watchers back in September, and haven’t really put my heart into it 100%.  So this year, I resolve to finally lose the extra weight I’m carrying, put my heart and soul into my WW program, and continue to work out.  One day it will show.  Just don’t know when.  My other resolution is to learn to crochet.  Since starting my photography journey, I have found a new love of crocheted blankets and outfits for babies and toddlers.  I have spent quite a few dollars purchasing these from other people that make them.  So, I am going to learn how to make them myself!  Save me some money so I can buy other things photography related!  I have a book, yarn, some needles, and YouTube bookmarked!  Here’s to 2015!IMG_9511_edited-1 IMG_9513_edited-1

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