Project 365 | Days 76-77-78

Day 76 Green

Day 76

Day 77 An Errand

Had to run to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s last night.  Decided to do a last minute mini session for Easter and Spring.  Not going to get any Easter props…just spring stuff…

Day 77

Day 78 in my kitchen

A kitchen is not complete without some sort of coffee maker!

Day 78


Project 365 | Day 75

What I did today….

Today, I started the day at 5 AM with a strength training workout.  I go to the gym every single day and work out.  Even though I don’t see any weight loss, I keep on going.

Day 75

Then after work, I came home and started making dinner.  Meatless Mondays.  So, green peppers, mushrooms, and pasta in an alfredo sauce.  Topped with smoked cheese.  AMAZING!!

Day 75.2

And now, for the end of my night, this is what I’m working on…a cute little boy!

Day 75.3

Project 365 | Days 68-69

Day 68…On my plate.

I had taken a picture of my dinner last night before eating it.  I uploaded it this morning, and it was all blurry.  Guess I need to start wearing my glasses while I’m taking pictures as well!  Right now, I just wear them at work while on the computer or reading.  Guess that will change though; it really sucks getting older!  Anyways, I did take an iPhone pic of my lunch yesterday.  I have a trainer and he keeps me accountable.  So, I have to send him a pic of my meals to make sure I’m not cheating.


chicken and rice.  It’s basically what I have everyday for lunch.  And some sort of veggie.  And of course, I have my sugar free Jello…gotta have something sweet in there somehow!

Day 69…Metal

I took this this morning, before heading out for work.  This is part of my husband’s motorcycle.  Nice and shiny.  He just cleaned it up because he went on a ride over the weekend with his buddies.  I sometimes go on the rides with him…but I’d rather go off-roading in my Jeep!


Project 365 | Days 66-67

This was from over the weekend….I’m always so busy on the weekends!  I need to figure out a schedule to get these blog posts done on a more timely manner!

Day 66 I love this.

I was raised in the Air Force, married into the Air Force (twice), and have family either in or was in the Air Force.  It’s my “way of life.”  I couldn’t think of any other way to live my life.  When I got divorced from my first husband, and was actually a “civilian” for a while, it didn’t feel right.  I didn’t live near a base, and I missed the jet noise.  So, when I married my current husband, it felt like good to be back into the military life again.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when he eventually retires!

Once a year, the guys and gals that fly those vintage planes in all of those air shows have to be certified.  So, they come to our base, and get certified. Which means we get a free air show every year!  Not sure what kind of planes these are, but they flew right over my house….


Day 67 Time

Where does time go?!?!? Seriously…my baby girl is 19, and my oldest son will be 27 this year!  I don’t feel old enough to have a son that old!  And my middle child will be 24 this year.  I’m at that age…dare I say it?!?!  That they could give me a grandbaby…not that will be happening anytime soon!


Rock the Shot March Photo Challenge

I’m going to go out there and submit a picture for this month.  I don’t usually submit pictures; just because there are some AMAZING pictures that are submitted.  But I’m quite proud of this one!  My mom and dad flew down for Thanksgiving, and we all went to Sedona, AZ.  Beautiful place to visit!  We did a little off-roading with mom and dad and I found this gorgeous spot for a picture.  Didn’t do too much off-roading!  Mom and dad’s first time so we went  on an easy trail.  Sedona has what is called red rock, and it’s all surrounding the town.  Definitely check it out if you ever get the chance!


Project 365 | Day 65

Rule of thirds.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a mentoring session for women photographers here in Tucson.  It was really eye-opening for me.  I found out that I am having issues with white balance and composition.  So, I was graciously gifted some ExpoDiscs to help with my white balance from another photographer, and then last weekend, I went on a photography class to the Tucson Zoo to learn about composition.  I learned so much from the instructor and had a great time at the zoo!  It was my first time there.  Glad my first time was with a photography group instead of my family, because I’m sure they would have been really frustrated with me with all of the pictures I keep taking!

This, of course, has no animals in it.  But the instructor was showing me how to get the perfect composition with pictures like this.  If this were a person or an animal, and they were looking to the left of the picture; I have to remember to put the subject on the right of my frame.  Sometimes, I looking at so many other things in my viewfinder that I tend to forget that!  Looking to make sure there are no distractions in the background; that my metering is right.  So, just something to remember for next time…

Day 65 - Copy

I need to work on trying to get that branch out of the picture though.  I think it is distracting, what do you think?!?!?

Project 365 | Day 64


I love looking at Tater’s eyes.  (Yes, that is his name!)  Sometimes he just has this look, like he’s so sad…other days, you can see the happiness in his eyes.  I was bugging him this morning with the camera.  He knows what it is now, and kind of hides when I get it out.  It took a lot of coaxing to get him to look up to me!

Day 64 - Copy

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