Vanessa’s 3 year pictures

I saw Vanessa for the first time for her 2 year old photos.  She was so very shy, but I got some amazing pictures of her.  She came in her little ballet outfit and she looked so cute!  Fast forward one year, and I was able to do her 3 year old pictures.  Mom wanted outdoors this time, so we headed to the local park.  Again, very shy, but she warmed up very quickly!  Especially when I gave her my umbrella to play with, and of course, she had a ton of fun playing peek-a-boo around the tree with Mom.  I think I got the best pictures when she was doing that.  A genuine smile and laugh as she was playing.  I look forward to seeing Vanessa on a regular basis as she grows up to capture more of these moments!

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Jackie L. Maternity Session

I was contacted by Jackie early on in her pregnancy inquiring about maternity photos for later.  We were able to get some pictures taken before I went out of town for vacation.  I promised her at least one edited photo before I left, and then would work on the rest when I got back.

Still working on the photos from the session, but I was able to give her some of them.  I hate to leave people hanging waiting.  But Jackie was very patient with me.

I can’t wait to meet the little guy when he finally arrives.  We will be doing newborn photos with him!  I can’t wait!  I love doing newborn pictures…gives me my “baby fix!”  My baby is now a 19 year old grown up little girl; so any time I get to hold and cuddle babies is a plus!

I asked Jackie about trying a new way of photographing her new baby.  We are going to be doing a combination of posed photos and some lifestyle photos.  My heart is leading me to this type of photography for newborns.  I am excited and nervous for my first lifestyle photo shoot with Jackie; but I know we will be able to get some amazing photos.

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