Project 365 | Days 68-69

Day 68…On my plate.

I had taken a picture of my dinner last night before eating it.  I uploaded it this morning, and it was all blurry.  Guess I need to start wearing my glasses while I’m taking pictures as well!  Right now, I just wear them at work while on the computer or reading.  Guess that will change though; it really sucks getting older!  Anyways, I did take an iPhone pic of my lunch yesterday.  I have a trainer and he keeps me accountable.  So, I have to send him a pic of my meals to make sure I’m not cheating.


chicken and rice.  It’s basically what I have everyday for lunch.  And some sort of veggie.  And of course, I have my sugar free Jello…gotta have something sweet in there somehow!

Day 69…Metal

I took this this morning, before heading out for work.  This is part of my husband’s motorcycle.  Nice and shiny.  He just cleaned it up because he went on a ride over the weekend with his buddies.  I sometimes go on the rides with him…but I’d rather go off-roading in my Jeep!



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