Project 365 | Day 65

Rule of thirds.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a mentoring session for women photographers here in Tucson.  It was really eye-opening for me.  I found out that I am having issues with white balance and composition.  So, I was graciously gifted some ExpoDiscs to help with my white balance from another photographer, and then last weekend, I went on a photography class to the Tucson Zoo to learn about composition.  I learned so much from the instructor and had a great time at the zoo!  It was my first time there.  Glad my first time was with a photography group instead of my family, because I’m sure they would have been really frustrated with me with all of the pictures I keep taking!

This, of course, has no animals in it.  But the instructor was showing me how to get the perfect composition with pictures like this.  If this were a person or an animal, and they were looking to the left of the picture; I have to remember to put the subject on the right of my frame.  Sometimes, I looking at so many other things in my viewfinder that I tend to forget that!  Looking to make sure there are no distractions in the background; that my metering is right.  So, just something to remember for next time…

Day 65 - Copy

I need to work on trying to get that branch out of the picture though.  I think it is distracting, what do you think?!?!?


3 thoughts on “Project 365 | Day 65”

  1. I LOVE this picture, it’s may favourite of yours so far, amazing, the background is beautiful, honestly I can’t decide about the branch, I didn’t really notice until you pointed it out, It would be hard to remove but I do think it would make the picture better if it were removed.

    Was the ExpoDiscs easy to use? I’ve been tempted to get one, but it sounds complicated.


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