Project 365 | Day 47

Day 47…Monday 2/16/2015…makes me happy.

There are many things that makes me happy.  I could write a whole book and show you a million pictures of things that make me happy.  My husband, my kids, my dogs.  My family, my friends.  My photography business.  My friends that have helped me with my photography business.  So many things that make me happy.

But this right here?  This also makes me happy!


This is when we off roading yesterday afternoon.  I have had my Jeep for almost 4 years.  Only when we moved here to Arizona did we really get into the whole taking it off-road.  There aren’t many places to do that in the Midwest!  Anyways, I’ve wanted to get it “dirty and muddy” for a while now.  Not as dirty as I wanted, but I got to go through a decent size amount of water to do this.

Can’t wait until our next adventure!


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