Project 365 | Day 43

My view today…


I love living in Arizona.  I love the town we live in, the base we are at.  There is just so much to do here!  I have a Jeep Wrangler and we love to go off-roading on the weekends.  Trying different trails and going different places.  We’ve also been hiking in the mountains.  I think the best thing, is that we don’t get snow or even that cold.  We did get a dusting of snow on New Year’s Day, but then it was gone by the end of the day.  The mountain tops get snow, and I like that I can see the snow, but don’t have to deal with it.

This time of year I have the top on the Jeep, but give it a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to take the top off.

The sunrises and sunsets here are AMAZING!! I’ve never seen anything quite like it until I moved here.

Another bonus is that there is so much within driving distance around us.  Las Vegas, San Diego, Mexico (although we are not allowed to go there!)  The Grand Canyon!  I just love living in the Southwest.  I need to convince hubby to retire here!


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