Project 365 | Days 41-42

I’m all caught up now!  Whew…I work full time, do photography on the side, and have this 365 challenge to do as well.  Definitely keeps me busy!

Day 41 (yesterday) was curly.  Naturally, my first thought was hair.  As you can see, I do NOT have curly hair.  I have the total opposite of curly.  My hair is pin straight.  Sometimes I wish I had curly hair.  But “they” always say, you want what you don’t have.  Of course, I know if I had curly hair, I would want straight hair.


Day 42 Pattern

I looked in my closet and realized that I have a lot of clothes that have patterns.  Shirts, dresses…I guess you could say that I like patterns!  I do like brightly colored clothes.  Looking back at my old jobs, I always had to wear either a uniform or an apron over my clothes, so you could never see what I was wearing.  When I go to buy clothes now, I tend to be drawn towards the bright colors and patterns.

Day 42 Day 42-2


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