Project 365 | Days 37-38-39

I am so bad to blogging on the weekends!  We do so many different things; running around town, doing stuff around the house…I hardly ever sit down on the computer on the weekends!

Day 37 Walk

I tried to do this picture with my DSLR, but it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to…especially when I’m trying to walk at the same time!  So, this is a cell phone picture.  We take our two dogs out on a walk all the time…I have to walk Lily, because Tater, our other dog likes to pull.  He gets way too excited when we take him on walks. Lily is an old woman, she will be 11 this year, so she just leisurely strolls…

FullSizeRender (1)

Day 38..Accessory

I might have a slight obsessions with accessories.  I used to work at Home Depot, where I wore T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes for 5 years.  Never wore jewelry because of my job.  I didn’t even wear my wedding/engagement ring, because I was afraid I would either rip it off my finger, or knock the stones out.  So, I always wore a cheap band on my finger.

Now, I have an office job where I get to dress up everyday.  I like to wear dresses and to wear necklaces, bracelets, fun earrings, and rings.  I had to get a new holder to display all of my new accessories.  It’s so hard to pick what I’m going to wear every day!

IMG_2316_edited-1 IMG_2315_edited-1

IMG_2318_edited-1 IMG_2317_edited-1

Day 39…Chaos

This may not look like chaos, but it really is!  Whenever we take the dogs on a walk, we always go to the dog park to let them play with other dogs and just run around.  Whenever a new dog comes into the area, we all have to hold our dogs while the new one comes in and then we all let them loose.  It’s fun to watch how they interact with each other.  My dogs though, not sociable at all. Lily, the old girl, likes to walk around the perimeter and smell everything.  Tater?  He pees on everything that is on the ground…has to mark his spot, that one.  This is a cell phone pic, so it’s not the greatest…

FullSizeRender (2)


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