Project 365 | Day 36

Day 36  Old School

I struggled with this one, ya’ll.  I do not have anything “old school” that I could think of in my house.  When I think of old school, I think of stuff from the 80s and beyond.  I don’t have anything like that.  I don’t like old stuff. Except when it comes to my photography props.  Love me some antique stuff then!

So, I’m sitting here at work, racking my brain….listening to the radio we have in the office.  Then I looked at the radio.  OMG…there it is!  OLD SCHOOL!!!


Look at what our radio has!  A cassette player!  Who even has cassettes anymore?!?!!?  I should go to Best Buy this weekend, and see if I can find one.  Or troll the sell ads…bet I could find some somewhere!


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