Project 365 | Days 32-35

Again, another busy weekend.  I offered Valentine’s Day mini sessions all weekend.  I had 4 sessions, a retirement ceremony, and a 2 year old birthday shoot.  So, needless to say, I’m up to my ears editing!  I still managed to take my pictures for my daily challenges though!

Day 32   On My Table

I have two tables.  One we use every day, and one we never use.  🙂  We have, I guess, what you would call a “formal” dining area.  Not really formal though.  I have an 8 person high top table in the that room that is in the front of the house.  See, we live in base housing.  The house is really nice, just not designed that well.  We have two front rooms that hardly ever get used.  We live in the back of the house, where the kitchen, eat in kitchen, tech center, and “great room” (that’s what they call it) where the TV is.  It’s a huge open space.  So, the table in the front room never gets used.  Unless we have company and need to seat more than 3 people.

So, onto what is on my table.  My front table has this nice collection of seashells.  I got them all when we lived in NC on the beaches there…my whole house is beach themed.  I really miss the beach.  Sometimes; I will take the big shell out, and listen to the waves and smell the beach on it.  My small table that we use every day, has the necessities for every day meals….napkins, salt and pepper and of course hot sauce.



Day 33 Comfy

I will admit…as soon as I get home, I change into my PJ’s…especially this week since I have so much editing I have to work on.  Might as well be comfy, right?!?!?!


Day 34 Starts with “P”

I had to search my house looking for something that starts with P…I found some things, but didn’t want to photograph them.  Then it hit me.  I ran out to the garage, and grabbed this.  I call it ‘POP’.  I am from the South, and that’s what I call it.  Soda, Soda Pop, it’s all the same thing.  I was so excited to have some Cheerwine.  It’s sort of like a Cherry Dr. Pepper.  It’s made right down the road of where I’m from in NC and it’s only sold in NC; or so I thought.  My daughter and I were shopping in World Market over the weekend, and she wanted some Orange pop.  So we decided to do the build your own 6 pack of pop.  As she was scanning the different ones, she noticed the Cheerwine.  We were both so excited and giddy…people were looking at us weird doing a happy dance in the store!  I wanted the diet version, but they didn’t have it.   So I’ll settle for the original stuff.


Day 35  PINK

My favorite color.  Most everything I own is in pink.  My first picture at the beginning of this photgraphic journey is of my pink tennis shoes.  This is what I take to the gym every morning.  My water bottle, towel, and headphones…all in pink.  My bag I use to carry these items in is also; you guessed it….pink.  I have a lot of pink clothes.  No pink shoes though; other than my tennis shoes.  I have a pink purse for the spring time.  Lots of pink.



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