Project 365 | Day 53

Hey look!  I’m blogging on a prompt on the day it’s supposed to be!!  🙂


I live in Arizona.  So, right now, these next couple of months are the best out of any time of the year…I think.  I’m sorry for everyone that is in a deep freeze.

Day 53

This is one of the side streets next to my house that leads to one of the main roads on base.  Every day, when I leave my house, this is my view.  I’m not gonna lie…it’s gorgeous here and I love seeing this  I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of it.  I will definitely miss it when we have to move on to our next place.  But hopefully, that won’t be for a while!


Project 365 | Days 48-52

I need to figure out a schedule to get onto to get my blogging done!  But the problem is getting the pictures from my camera, to my computer, to edit, and then to upload to the blog.  It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be!

Sorry, it’s been a while since I posted a blog post.  From midweek to the weekend, it all seems to go by me so fast!

Day 48 Dessert

I love me some sweet food.  I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.  But I’m also trying to watch what I eat and try to lose weight.  So, what’s a girl to do?!!?!  Insert the most amazing products ever.  Skinny Cow has chocolate and ice cream.  How perfect is that?!?!?!  I saw this the other day,and wanted to try this flavor. Not my favorite, but it’ll do until I get something else.

Day 48

Day 49 Hidden

This one stumped me…I’ve only been stumped I think, one other time…can’t remember what it was now.  I searched the house looking for something hidden.  I don’t have anything hidden!  It would be interesting to see what everyone else took a picture of.  This was my take on it.  These are little glitter stars that are hidden in the rug I have in my photography studio.  I had someone throw them up in the air and this is where they landed.  [Shrugs]…the best I could do!

Day 49

Day 50…One

This came at the perfect time for me!  I had a one year old photo shoot scheduled last weekend, so I had this all set up for her.  Unfortunately, she came down sick, and had to reschedule.  So, it was sitting there waiting for her (which I happened to do the pics of today!!)

Day 50

Day 51…Modern

I like to think that I have a modern style, but I really don’t.  I love modern things, and would love to have a modern styled home…don’t know if it’ll happen.  I don’t know if this is considered modern, but right now, it’s the only modern thing I could think of to take a picture of.  This is a slumped wine bottle.  It’s a flattened wine bottle, and I decorated the neck of it.  Not sure what I will use it for…maybe a spoon rest?  Or put it on display?

Day 51

Day 52…what I’m reading

I have a lot of down time at work.  So, when I’m not busy, I’m reading.  The library here has something where you can read e-books for free with your library membership.  So, I check out the e-book, read it, and then find another one to read.  I have a list on Barnes & Noble with all of the books I want to read…I think I have close to 200 books on that list!  Anyways, I go through the list, and find a book that the library has and then check it out.  I find all the books I want to read from my weekly magazine, Entertainment Weekly.  They always review books, and if I think it sounds interesting, I’ll put it on my list on B&N.  This is the book I’m currently reading.  It is told by the servants of Pride & Prejudice.  I have such a wide taste for books…you’ll never know what I’m reading next.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble last night, and I headed straight to the photography section.  I’m always looking for new and exciting books to read to better my craft.  I have an off camera flash that hubby bought me for Christmas 2 years ago.  Have only used it a handful of times; it’s intimidating!  Anyways, I saw this book and got it.  Hoping it’ll help me be more comfortable with my flash and figure out how to use it!

Day 52-2

Day 52

Project 365 | Day 47

Day 47…Monday 2/16/2015…makes me happy.

There are many things that makes me happy.  I could write a whole book and show you a million pictures of things that make me happy.  My husband, my kids, my dogs.  My family, my friends.  My photography business.  My friends that have helped me with my photography business.  So many things that make me happy.

But this right here?  This also makes me happy!


This is when we off roading yesterday afternoon.  I have had my Jeep for almost 4 years.  Only when we moved here to Arizona did we really get into the whole taking it off-road.  There aren’t many places to do that in the Midwest!  Anyways, I’ve wanted to get it “dirty and muddy” for a while now.  Not as dirty as I wanted, but I got to go through a decent size amount of water to do this.

Can’t wait until our next adventure!

Project 365 | Days 44-45-46

Ahh….the weekend came and went too fast!  Busy, busy, busy…that’s all I do!  I finally finished up all of my Valentine Day Mini Sessions and uploaded them to the website…BEFORE Valentine’s Day!  Everyone was really happy with their pictures.  I love taking pictures of the babies and toddlers…which brings me to Day 44…Love.

IMG_1011_edited-1 copy

Love this age!  Love how photogenic he was!  Never cried, and was a great model for me!

Day 45 was Saturday, which was Valentine’s Day.  I was supposed to have a 1-year-old cake smash but she ended up not feeling well, so we re-scheduled.  So, that left my day empty.  Hubby wanted to go off roading, but we went on Sunday instead.  So, I got my hair cut and just didn’t do much on Saturday.

IMG_0808_edited-1 copy

I hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day though!  For me, it’s too close to my birthday, which was just a couple of weeks ago.  Hubby got me a really nice Coach purse and wallet for my birthday, so I don’t expect anything on Valentine’s day.

Sunday, Day 46 was Macro.  Which I am all excited about.  We went off roading in the Jeep on Sunday.  I belong to a local FB Jeep group, and several of us met up and did this off-road run.  Not hard, but still a lot of fun.  It was a lot more fun with other people who share your love of “jeeping.”  Usually, hubby and I go out on our own and explore; but it was fun going out with other people, and talking jeep shop talk!  While we were at a stopping point, I found this little guy!  The whole side of the hill was covered with them!  Not sure what was up with that, but I hadn’t seen one in a long time, so I got down on the ground and took some pics!


Project 365 | Day 43

My view today…


I love living in Arizona.  I love the town we live in, the base we are at.  There is just so much to do here!  I have a Jeep Wrangler and we love to go off-roading on the weekends.  Trying different trails and going different places.  We’ve also been hiking in the mountains.  I think the best thing, is that we don’t get snow or even that cold.  We did get a dusting of snow on New Year’s Day, but then it was gone by the end of the day.  The mountain tops get snow, and I like that I can see the snow, but don’t have to deal with it.

This time of year I have the top on the Jeep, but give it a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to take the top off.

The sunrises and sunsets here are AMAZING!! I’ve never seen anything quite like it until I moved here.

Another bonus is that there is so much within driving distance around us.  Las Vegas, San Diego, Mexico (although we are not allowed to go there!)  The Grand Canyon!  I just love living in the Southwest.  I need to convince hubby to retire here!

Project 365 | Days 41-42

I’m all caught up now!  Whew…I work full time, do photography on the side, and have this 365 challenge to do as well.  Definitely keeps me busy!

Day 41 (yesterday) was curly.  Naturally, my first thought was hair.  As you can see, I do NOT have curly hair.  I have the total opposite of curly.  My hair is pin straight.  Sometimes I wish I had curly hair.  But “they” always say, you want what you don’t have.  Of course, I know if I had curly hair, I would want straight hair.


Day 42 Pattern

I looked in my closet and realized that I have a lot of clothes that have patterns.  Shirts, dresses…I guess you could say that I like patterns!  I do like brightly colored clothes.  Looking back at my old jobs, I always had to wear either a uniform or an apron over my clothes, so you could never see what I was wearing.  When I go to buy clothes now, I tend to be drawn towards the bright colors and patterns.

Day 42 Day 42-2

Project 365 | Day 40


I hate my handwriting…I think it’s pretty bad.  I would rather type on the computer, digitally sign documents, and email all day long than write things down.  I even use notes on my phone so I don’t even have a pen or paper in my purse.  I guess I should have a least a pen in my purse in case someone needs one; but hey, that’s what phones are for, right?!?!?

FullSizeRender (3)

Project 365 | Days 37-38-39

I am so bad to blogging on the weekends!  We do so many different things; running around town, doing stuff around the house…I hardly ever sit down on the computer on the weekends!

Day 37 Walk

I tried to do this picture with my DSLR, but it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to…especially when I’m trying to walk at the same time!  So, this is a cell phone picture.  We take our two dogs out on a walk all the time…I have to walk Lily, because Tater, our other dog likes to pull.  He gets way too excited when we take him on walks. Lily is an old woman, she will be 11 this year, so she just leisurely strolls…

FullSizeRender (1)

Day 38..Accessory

I might have a slight obsessions with accessories.  I used to work at Home Depot, where I wore T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes for 5 years.  Never wore jewelry because of my job.  I didn’t even wear my wedding/engagement ring, because I was afraid I would either rip it off my finger, or knock the stones out.  So, I always wore a cheap band on my finger.

Now, I have an office job where I get to dress up everyday.  I like to wear dresses and to wear necklaces, bracelets, fun earrings, and rings.  I had to get a new holder to display all of my new accessories.  It’s so hard to pick what I’m going to wear every day!

IMG_2316_edited-1 IMG_2315_edited-1

IMG_2318_edited-1 IMG_2317_edited-1

Day 39…Chaos

This may not look like chaos, but it really is!  Whenever we take the dogs on a walk, we always go to the dog park to let them play with other dogs and just run around.  Whenever a new dog comes into the area, we all have to hold our dogs while the new one comes in and then we all let them loose.  It’s fun to watch how they interact with each other.  My dogs though, not sociable at all. Lily, the old girl, likes to walk around the perimeter and smell everything.  Tater?  He pees on everything that is on the ground…has to mark his spot, that one.  This is a cell phone pic, so it’s not the greatest…

FullSizeRender (2)