Project 365 | Day 31

Saturday Morning

The last day of the month!  I have done it!  I have taken a picture and posted them for everyday!  I’m really hoping I can continue the trend for the rest of the year.   I’ve heard other people quit after a couple of months, but I promised myself that I would really try and finish this.

My Saturday morning…this morning was quiet.  The dogs woke me up wanting to be fed and to go outside.  Hubby and daughter were still sleeping, so I turned on the TV and the computer, made my breakfast and sat down to check my email and of course check Facebook.  Drinking my coffee, I realized I hadn’t gone through a lot of files that I had downloaded recently.  So, I started going through all of my zip files, and putting them in the right folders.  I’m a little OCD about my photography files, and have them all in different folders depending on what they are.

My day planner is always out on the computer desk with me…I have some Valentine’s photo sessions later today; so prepping for that as well.

Now, that hubby and daughter are up, time to get moving and get my studio ready for this afternoon!



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