Project 365 | Day 30

I made this

When I started doing photography, I had a lot of babies come in.  I needed some blankets and stuffers to prop the babies up with.  I bought a couple of blankets that I still use; but I knew that it would get expensive buying blankets all the time.  So, I decided to try and make some myself.  There’s a loom kit at Michael’s that I bought and the green blanket was the first one I attempted.  It’s not very good…but it’s a great stuffer!  Something small, and doesn’t need to be seen.  The second one was the pom pom fabric.  Very hard to use.  But I like it!  Especially for a girl.  Made this one twice as big as the green one, but it’s not that tall, height wise…it’s long; but I still use it.  The last one, with the multi colored fabric I tried a different approach.  Make two different blankets and then attach them together.  I think I finally have the hang of it but wonder if I need to keep making them!

IMG_0667_edited-1 IMG_0665_edited-1


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