Project 365

I’ve been slacking!  Although I’ve been taking my daily pictures, it’s been hard to get them uploaded to the computer and actually sit down and write the posts, and upload the pictures!  I have a week’s worth of pictures to upload here, so bear with me ya’ll!

Days 20-25

Day 20 light

I have a new found love of wax warmers.  I don’t care about the brand name just the looks of it.  I found this one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and am totally in love with it.  It fits me to a ‘T’.   My whole house has a beachy theme so this is perfect for me.   I love the colors and of course, I have a beach scented wax in it to make my house smell like I’m at the beach.


Day 21

Looking Down

This happened to be on the perfect day!  I was asked to take pictures of a military homecoming session at the airport.  I was just kind of waiting around…we were waiting for the rest of his luggage to show up.  I walked up the stairs, knowing I needed a picture of looking down.  I was hoping to look down and see the people below me, but that wasn’t the case.  As I turned around to go back down the stairs, I noticed my couple at the end of the stairs.  I thought this was the perfect shot for today’s prompt!!

IMG_9972_edited-1 copy

I’m going to work on the picture more in PhotoShop to see if I can get some of the clutter out of it and have the focus on just them.  But that is for another day…

Day 22


I absolutely love living in Southern Arizona.  I’ve lived in a lot of places, but never in the Southwest.  I call North Carolina home, because that’s where my dad retired to, and where I graduated high school.  My family still lives there.  My husband is from Kansas City.  We will eventually retire there when hubby retires from the Air Force.  I will go wherever he goes, but not looking forward to the Midwest weather again, especially after living here in AZ.  I love waking up to see the mountains in the distant; and the sunrises here are absolutely amazing.  This is the view from the front of my house.  Tucson is surrounded by mountains, so just about wherever you go, you see the mountains.  And palm trees.  I love palm trees and love that I have them around me.  The weather here is perfect for me.  It is mid January and we are in the mid 70s.  Love it.  It does get extremely hot here in the summer, if you can deal with it for 3 months, the other 9 months are gorgeous.


Day 23


I struggled with this one ya’ll.  I wanted something “different.”  But I ran out of time to try and find something.  I could have waited until the weekend and tried to find something, but I do take the pictures on the day they are supposed to be taken on.  I have an antique frame that I use for my photography.  Used it quite a bit for framing the kids, parents, what have you.  I also have an antique framed mirror that I love using with the little ones…


Day 24

A Selfie

Not really a selfie, but more of a portrait of myself.  It’s amazing to think that I’m hardly in any pictures because I’m the one behind the camera.  So, I set my camera up on the tripod, and set the self timer, and tried different shots and poses.  This one is my favorite…I took some of me looking at the camera but I didn’t like them.  Tried to do them without smiling and have a serious look on my face…not so much.  I looked like I was mad or something.  I like this one…daydreaming…


Day 25

Sweet tooth

I have a major sweet tooth, I cannot deny this.  My whole life.  I always have to have something sweet with almost every meal.  Maybe not breakfast.  But definitely after lunch and after dinner.  I usually have a stash of sweet, chocolaty treats in the house.  But I’ve been trying to lose weight, work out, and eat healthy.  So guess what?  No sweet treats in my house anymore.  I did make these muffins the other day though.  They are great for satisfying my sweet tooth.  Cranberry orange muffins.  The best.  I love this flavor over most other flavors of muffins.  I’m surprised there are still 3 left.  They will probably be gone by the weekend though!  🙂



2 thoughts on “Project 365”

  1. Lovely photos, I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen any post for you, my favourite of the batch is the looking down one, love the perspective and framing, beauitful, I also really like the frame and self portrait, but they’re all great!

    Liked by 1 person

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