Oh Baby…

I had someone contact me last week to take newborn pictures of their new baby boy.  He was born on Christmas Day.  They weren’t able to get pictures done during the Christmas break though.  She contacted me about Christmas pictures, but I had already put my Christmas decorations and props away.  I referred her to a fellow photographer, but she never booked a session with her.  She contacted me again and wanted me to take her newborn’s pictures.  I love taking pictures of newborns, but for some reason; they are asleep for the first 10-15 minutes, and then decide to wake up and stay awake for the rest of the session.  I have space heaters, white noise, everything that I should have…but they still like to be awake.  So, most of my newborn pictures are with their eyes wide open.  Which I like.  But I would like to get some sleepy pictures too!!  IMG_9583 copy IMG_9594_edited-1 copy IMG_9609_edited-1 copy IMG_9621_edited-1 copyIMG_9629_edited-1 copy


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