Project 365 | 15


I’m glad that I decided to follow the prompts from The Bethadilly Challenge.  I’m not sure what I would take pictures of everyday!  This really makes me think of what I can take a picture of and try different things with them!

I started getting emails and blog posts from The Milky Way…it’s a great website of resources for photographers…especially new ones like me!  I got this calendar as a download for the new year.  Set my goals and action plans for the year.  Time to kick it into high gear with my photography business.

I also have a one year old photo shoot set up for next month…so I need to get my butt in gear and paint a couple items before then.  So, my to-do is to fill out my calendar and get my things painted!


I’ve also bought a monthly calendar to keep track of my appointments…between the photo shoots, and the military functions I need to attend with my husband, I need to see what’s going on on a daily/weekly basis…


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