Project 365 | Day 12

Starts with J….

My next prized possession…my Jeep.  This was a “on the fly” purchase.  If a car can be a on the fly purchase.  It was the last 2011 vehicle on the lot.  The 12s were all over, and the dealership was willing to make a deal to get it out of there.

I’ve always wanted a Jeep; but life got in the way…like kids.  It’s not a very practical car.  Not the best on comfort on road trips. Stripped down; no frills.  I traded in an SUV for it.  That SUV was loaded; heated leather seats; remote start; backup camera; everything.  Then I traded it for my Jeep.  My kids thought I was crazy.  But I finally had my car I’d always wanted.

We were living in IL at the time we bought it, and not many places to go “off-roading.”  In fact, the only off roading it saw was when there was a snow pile at work, and I drove up on it!

Once we moved to Arizona though…she has been through quite a bit of off roading now…she’s got some damage underneath her, and she has “Arizona Pinstripes.”  Scratches from the brush when you are off roading in a wash…lots of scratches…but that’s okay…let’s people know I’ve taken her places.

I got a lift kit for Christmas.  Yep, I asked for that.  Now, I can go to even more places…can’t wait.

IMG_9815_edited-1 IMG_9814_edited-1


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