Project 365 | Days 9 and 10

I am combining Friday and Saturday’s post into one…Friday was crazy busy, and I have a busy afternoon planned for today.

My first “mini” session was during Christmas time.  I had gotten some props, and set up in my small studio…I think I had about 7-8 sessions.  Not too shabby for my first session.  Well, one of those clients asked me today if I was planning on doing Valentine’s Day sessions.  I was playing around with the idea, but when she asked me, and then another client asked, well…I can’t say no!  So, guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon?  Shopping for Valentine’s Day props!

Day 9 was circles.  So, the most obvious choice for me and the first thing that came to my mind was our wedding rings.

My husband and I will be married for 11 years this year.  Wow…11 years…it sure has flown by.  We have been through so much.  And so have our rings!  I noticed when I took pictures of them, that they have scratches all over them.  We wear them every day, doing every day things, so it’s natural they get scratched up.  Guess I need to take them to a jeweler to be cleaned and polished!  I WAS supposed to get another band to go on the other side of the engagement ring for our 10 years, but of course, life got in the way, and we never got it…Maybe this year?

Then, while I was taking pictures of the rings, I noticed the circles on the table so I took that picture too!  This is an old English pub table all the way from England!  My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed in England.  I was in high school then.  Anyways, mom and dad went a little crazy with all of the English antiques they bought while we were over there. Their house was full of them.  When they downsized their house, they sold a lot of those antiques.  My sister kept the pub table and used it for years in the breakfast nook of her house.  When hubby and I got married, he fell in love with this old, worn table.  He swore my sister that whenever she was ready to get rid of it, that she would give it to us.  She gave it to us, wow…years ago.  Don’t really remember when.  We were living in IL at the time and didn’t have room for it in our current house.  So, we put it in storage until one day we would be able to use it.

Fast forward to now, when we moved here to AZ.  We live on base, and there is an eat in kitchen with the perfect spot for this little table.  Now, we use it every day.  We have talked about re-finishing it and getting rid of the rings on it, but again, life gets in the way, and we haven’t gotten around to it.  One day…



Day 10.  Warm.

It’s warm all the time here in AZ.  There.  That was easy!  Seriously…winter definitely is warmer here than in other parts of the country.  Love that it’s January, and we can go out with just a light jacket.

The dogs love the warm sun.  They will seek out the sun anywhere in the house, and lay in that spot almost all day.  The spot here in the kitchen is where Lily likes to lay…having the sun beat on her from the window.

Tater likes to take the sun in from outdoors.  He will lay out in that dead grass all day long and just soak it up…

IMG_9548_edited-1 IMG_9550_edited-1


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