Project 364 | Day 8



What is simple?  It can be so many things to so many different people.

I live in Arizona…southern AZ to be more specific…like an hour away from Mexico, Arizona.  I moved here from the greater St. Louis area which is extremely green…everywhere…there are corn fields, soybean fields, grass, trees, you name it.  Arizona?  Not so much.  Now, there is plenty of green here.  Palm trees ❤ palm trees.  Mesquite trees…they have green.  Saguaro cactus are green; in fact all cactus are green.  But grass is hard to come by.  There are some apartment complexes around here that have green grass all year long.  Don’t know what they do to it, or if it is actually grass or maybe dead grass spray painted?  I don’t know.  All I know, is right now, my grass is dead.  It’s the middle of winter, so it’s supposed to be.  Even though my winter isn’t as harsh as the winters in the Midwest.  Right now, I’m loving that I’m in AZ.

So, my picture.  It’s a small patch of grass in my backyard!  It has been raining all day today; which is also rare this time of year.  We have a monsoon season; which is from about June-August.  So, to get rain this late in the year is kind of unheard of.  Anyways, I have some grass!  I really tried to keep my grass green last spring and summer.  You don’t realize how much you miss grass until you don’t have any.  I’m a Southern girl and take my shoes off as soon as I walk in the door.  I love to walk in the grass barefoot.  So, I bought grass seed, fertilizer, sprinklers, the whole nine yards.  I watered my yard morning and evening to make sure I kept my green grass.  I’m excited to see this small patch of grass…I have hope for another lawn of green grass come springtime.


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