Project 365 | Day 7


Another dog post.  I was walking around the house this morning, trying to figure out what to take a picture of.  Then I saw Tater laying down on the floor looking up at me.  Then it hit me.

IMG_9529-1 (1)

We leave the dogs out to roam about the house when we are gone during the day.  We used to kennel them; but Lily…she has destroyed so many kennels.  She gets so upset when we kennel them…she has broken teeth trying to get out of the kennel.  So, we started leaving them out.  I keep the blinds in the front room shut so they can’t look out the window and bark at everyone or everything that passes by.  We also give them a treat to snack one when we leave; to keep them occupied.

This is where we keep their treats in the laundry room.  I got down on the floor at Tater’s level and looked up to see what he saw.  He sees those treats every day.  I wonder if he sits there and stares at them like he stares at me when he is hungry…I should set up a camera….(and yes, that is a bottle of wine up there too!)


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