Project 365 | Day 4

Today is the color RED.

I chose my flowers that I carried at my wedding.  I have them in a case that is actually meant for a football, I think.  I got it at Michael’s.  I have my cake topper in there and our toasting glasses.  I have the case on our entertainment center right next to the TV.

My sister in law made my flowers for me.  That was our wedding gift from her.  All of flowers done for the wedding.  I also have a wicker basket with a lot of the red roses and greenery and I have that in my room on the top of our armoire.  Wow…those flowers are over 10 years old!  Gotta love fake flowers!

We got married in my hometown of Goldsboro in North Carolina.  Hubby was stationed at good old Seymour Johnson AFB; where my dad retired from the Air Force.  We got married in the Officer’s club, because it was nicer than the Enlisted Club, and closer to the front gate for people to find.  A simple wedding, since we both had been married before.  My dress was actually a bridesmaid’s dress that was an off white color. Just me and hubby.  My dad still walked me down the aisle; and my baby girl, adjusted the small train I had on the dress.  I had a dance with both of my sons; my new husband had a dance with my daughter.  And then our dance.

I remember that there was something going on that day, and not a lot of my husband’s co-workers could attend the wedding, but they all showed up at the reception; all in their camo uniforms.  So, I have a lot of pictures of people in uniform.  Of course, hubby wore his dress blues for the wedding.  I’ve always been a sucker for a man in uniform, especially his dress blues!IMG_9516_edited-1 IMG_9519_edited-1


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