Project 365 | Day 2

Day 2…New…I got this bracelet for Christmas from my husband and the kids.  My husband and daughter picked out the first couple of charms.  Then I got some money from my sister in law and decided to use the money to get more charms.  I got the birthstone charms for my kids.  I have 2 December babies and 1 September baby.  Now, looking at the bracelet, the December charms are very similar to the blue charms hubby got me for Christmas.  He was going for a beachy theme on my bracelet.  Since I am from NC, and am a beach and water person.  So, he got me the 3 dangly charms and two blue crystal charms to remind me of the ocean water.  I also got the two tone Love charm as well.

I am thinking of getting another bracelet to put my family charms on and keep this one a beachy theme….who knows…maybe I’ll like 6 different bracelets all with different themes!  Think hubby will go for that?!?!

Hope everyone had a good and safe New Year’s.  We spent ours with friends at the beginning of the night and just the two of us at midnight.  As we were walking home from our friend’s house, it started snowing!!!  In Tucson!!!  I occassionally happens, but very rarely.  I had my cell phone and took some pics but when I got home, I grabbed my camera and stood outside in the snow taking pictures.  It was still on the ground when we woke up New Year’s Day, but was gone by the end of the day.  Still it was nice to see, but also glad to see it go.  I love living in the desert for the mere fact that I only have to wear a jacket every once in a while during the winter months.  We do have to suffer three digit temps in the summer; but as they all say…”It’s a dry heat!”



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