Project 365…Day 1

Well, I have committed to the world wide web that I would be doing a photography project called Project 365.  Basically, I take a picture and document.  I’m following the Bethadilly Challenge for my inspiration.  Today’s picture is…Resolution.  I always make the same resolution every year…to get healthy…I think I am pretty healthy…for an overweight person.  But I’m getting tired of making this same resolution every year.  I joined Weight Watchers back in September, and haven’t really put my heart into it 100%.  So this year, I resolve to finally lose the extra weight I’m carrying, put my heart and soul into my WW program, and continue to work out.  One day it will show.  Just don’t know when.  My other resolution is to learn to crochet.  Since starting my photography journey, I have found a new love of crocheted blankets and outfits for babies and toddlers.  I have spent quite a few dollars purchasing these from other people that make them.  So, I am going to learn how to make them myself!  Save me some money so I can buy other things photography related!  I have a book, yarn, some needles, and YouTube bookmarked!  Here’s to 2015!IMG_9511_edited-1 IMG_9513_edited-1


4 thoughts on “Project 365…Day 1”

  1. I have a blanket I’ve been knitting for about 5 years, I’ve been wanted to take it up again, but right now I’m worried about sticking with the project 365 (I have a feeling I’ll probably forget I’m doing it). Good luck with the resolutions, especially the WW program, that takes lots of discipline!

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  2. You can definitely reach your goals! I have complete and utter faith in you. Good luck and happy new year, Sherri! You have this in the bag! *waves pom-poms*


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