My Willow Tree Collection

One of the earlier prompts this week was keepsake.  I had posted a picture of my newest Willow Tree figurine I had gotten from a very good friend.  Someone commented on my post, that I should take pictures of the rest of them.  Well, here they are!  I have them in several spots in the house, because I have quite a bit of them.  I need like a curio cabinet or something similar to put them all in one place!  Maybe when we get our forever home, I’ll do that.

IMG_0675_edited-1 IMG_0671_edited-1 IMG_0674_edited-1




Project 365 | Day 31

Saturday Morning

The last day of the month!  I have done it!  I have taken a picture and posted them for everyday!  I’m really hoping I can continue the trend for the rest of the year.   I’ve heard other people quit after a couple of months, but I promised myself that I would really try and finish this.

My Saturday morning…this morning was quiet.  The dogs woke me up wanting to be fed and to go outside.  Hubby and daughter were still sleeping, so I turned on the TV and the computer, made my breakfast and sat down to check my email and of course check Facebook.  Drinking my coffee, I realized I hadn’t gone through a lot of files that I had downloaded recently.  So, I started going through all of my zip files, and putting them in the right folders.  I’m a little OCD about my photography files, and have them all in different folders depending on what they are.

My day planner is always out on the computer desk with me…I have some Valentine’s photo sessions later today; so prepping for that as well.

Now, that hubby and daughter are up, time to get moving and get my studio ready for this afternoon!


Project 365 | Day 30

I made this

When I started doing photography, I had a lot of babies come in.  I needed some blankets and stuffers to prop the babies up with.  I bought a couple of blankets that I still use; but I knew that it would get expensive buying blankets all the time.  So, I decided to try and make some myself.  There’s a loom kit at Michael’s that I bought and the green blanket was the first one I attempted.  It’s not very good…but it’s a great stuffer!  Something small, and doesn’t need to be seen.  The second one was the pom pom fabric.  Very hard to use.  But I like it!  Especially for a girl.  Made this one twice as big as the green one, but it’s not that tall, height wise…it’s long; but I still use it.  The last one, with the multi colored fabric I tried a different approach.  Make two different blankets and then attach them together.  I think I finally have the hang of it but wonder if I need to keep making them!

IMG_0667_edited-1 IMG_0665_edited-1

Project 365 | 29


I started collecting Willow Tree, I think, shortly after I got married.  I have quite the collection now.  It’s hard for family and friends to buy them because they aren’t sure if I have the figurine or not…

This one (which I did not have yet!) is from one of my very good friends.  She gave it to me for my birthday.  The name of it is Su Casa.  It means a little bit more to me than the others, because one, she gave it to me, and two, she is leaving in the next couple of weeks.  Her husband is retiring from the Air Force after 30 years, and they are retiring to the East Coast.  She was the first friend I met when we moved here to Arizona.  My husband was a new Chief and this was his first base as a Chief and my first base as a wife of a Chief.  My friend has been a Chief’s wife for several years, so she took me under her wing and showed me the ropes of what was expected of me.  I really appreciate everything she has done for me and will miss her so much when she leaves.

IMG_0178_edited-1 (1)

This one will be going onto the shelf with all of my other ones I have.

Project 365 | 27 and 28

Day 27


I have 2 workspaces.  I work full time and then my photography on the side.

I work in a nice office with a bank of windows in front of me.  But this is what I stare at for eight hours a day.  I have the most important things right in front of me.  My water bottle, which tells me how much water to drink each hour.  I really love it.  I was having problems drinking my water during the day, but now I’m constantly looking at my water bottle to make sure I’m on the right hour.  I got my bottle here.  A small desktop picture of my daughter.  My cell phone, my hand cream, and my daily funny calendar.  I love having the two screens here.  It makes my life so much easier!

My home workspace is a mess.  It’s always like this.  I always have papers laying all over the place.  My calendar is always there too; so if someone contacts me via my phone or FB, I always have my dates available right in front of me.   We have our monitor mounted on the wall to give me more space on the counter top.  Not my ideal layout and situation; but I live on base so we can’t move walls or anything.  Eventually, we we have our “forever” home; I would like a studio set up with a small office space either in the studio space or a separate room.  But this will work for now!

IMG_0120_edited-1 IMG_0181_edited-1

Day 28


This was an easy one to figure out.  I am always watching my numbers for my daily intake of food.  I watch my calories, fat grams, protein, fiber, and sugar….I input my food every morning for the whole day; so I know what I’m eating from breakfast to dinner and snacks in between.  And I don’t stray from it either.  My son is really big into weight lifting and watching what he eats, so he is helping me with my food choices and giving me a workout plan every day.


Project 365 | 26

What inspires me

It’s nearing the end of the day for me and I have been thinking about this picture all day long…I don’t really know what inspires me.  Everything?  Everyone?  I have always looked at things differently; like looking through a lens.  “That would be a neat picture to take.”  I would always say.  I see things differently from my husband, my family.  I look for different things, something that would make a picture interesting.  I’m always turning my camera in different directions, moving around, to see if I can find that perfect spot for the picture.

I do look to Pinterest for many of my picture inspirations for my baby sessions…I’m still learning all of the posing, so the website helps me a lot.

This picture to me, is inspirational.  It’s very serene.  I love the blue sky and the reflection of the trees in the water.  My husband I and went our first hike since moving here.  I figured it would be easy. Yeah right!  I couldn’t hardly move the next day!  7.8 miles one way.  At the end of the hike is Seven Falls.  Beautiful place.  One time is good for me.

IMG_9419_edited-1 copy

Now, this picture was not taken today.  It was overcast all day long, with a sprinkle here and there.  So, my first picture that wasn’t taken that day.  Hopefully this is the only time I have to do this…

Project 365

I’ve been slacking!  Although I’ve been taking my daily pictures, it’s been hard to get them uploaded to the computer and actually sit down and write the posts, and upload the pictures!  I have a week’s worth of pictures to upload here, so bear with me ya’ll!

Days 20-25

Day 20 light

I have a new found love of wax warmers.  I don’t care about the brand name just the looks of it.  I found this one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and am totally in love with it.  It fits me to a ‘T’.   My whole house has a beachy theme so this is perfect for me.   I love the colors and of course, I have a beach scented wax in it to make my house smell like I’m at the beach.


Day 21

Looking Down

This happened to be on the perfect day!  I was asked to take pictures of a military homecoming session at the airport.  I was just kind of waiting around…we were waiting for the rest of his luggage to show up.  I walked up the stairs, knowing I needed a picture of looking down.  I was hoping to look down and see the people below me, but that wasn’t the case.  As I turned around to go back down the stairs, I noticed my couple at the end of the stairs.  I thought this was the perfect shot for today’s prompt!!

IMG_9972_edited-1 copy

I’m going to work on the picture more in PhotoShop to see if I can get some of the clutter out of it and have the focus on just them.  But that is for another day…

Day 22


I absolutely love living in Southern Arizona.  I’ve lived in a lot of places, but never in the Southwest.  I call North Carolina home, because that’s where my dad retired to, and where I graduated high school.  My family still lives there.  My husband is from Kansas City.  We will eventually retire there when hubby retires from the Air Force.  I will go wherever he goes, but not looking forward to the Midwest weather again, especially after living here in AZ.  I love waking up to see the mountains in the distant; and the sunrises here are absolutely amazing.  This is the view from the front of my house.  Tucson is surrounded by mountains, so just about wherever you go, you see the mountains.  And palm trees.  I love palm trees and love that I have them around me.  The weather here is perfect for me.  It is mid January and we are in the mid 70s.  Love it.  It does get extremely hot here in the summer, if you can deal with it for 3 months, the other 9 months are gorgeous.


Day 23


I struggled with this one ya’ll.  I wanted something “different.”  But I ran out of time to try and find something.  I could have waited until the weekend and tried to find something, but I do take the pictures on the day they are supposed to be taken on.  I have an antique frame that I use for my photography.  Used it quite a bit for framing the kids, parents, what have you.  I also have an antique framed mirror that I love using with the little ones…


Day 24

A Selfie

Not really a selfie, but more of a portrait of myself.  It’s amazing to think that I’m hardly in any pictures because I’m the one behind the camera.  So, I set my camera up on the tripod, and set the self timer, and tried different shots and poses.  This one is my favorite…I took some of me looking at the camera but I didn’t like them.  Tried to do them without smiling and have a serious look on my face…not so much.  I looked like I was mad or something.  I like this one…daydreaming…


Day 25

Sweet tooth

I have a major sweet tooth, I cannot deny this.  My whole life.  I always have to have something sweet with almost every meal.  Maybe not breakfast.  But definitely after lunch and after dinner.  I usually have a stash of sweet, chocolaty treats in the house.  But I’ve been trying to lose weight, work out, and eat healthy.  So guess what?  No sweet treats in my house anymore.  I did make these muffins the other day though.  They are great for satisfying my sweet tooth.  Cranberry orange muffins.  The best.  I love this flavor over most other flavors of muffins.  I’m surprised there are still 3 left.  They will probably be gone by the weekend though!  🙂


Oh Baby…

I had someone contact me last week to take newborn pictures of their new baby boy.  He was born on Christmas Day.  They weren’t able to get pictures done during the Christmas break though.  She contacted me about Christmas pictures, but I had already put my Christmas decorations and props away.  I referred her to a fellow photographer, but she never booked a session with her.  She contacted me again and wanted me to take her newborn’s pictures.  I love taking pictures of newborns, but for some reason; they are asleep for the first 10-15 minutes, and then decide to wake up and stay awake for the rest of the session.  I have space heaters, white noise, everything that I should have…but they still like to be awake.  So, most of my newborn pictures are with their eyes wide open.  Which I like.  But I would like to get some sleepy pictures too!!  IMG_9583 copy IMG_9594_edited-1 copy IMG_9609_edited-1 copy IMG_9621_edited-1 copyIMG_9629_edited-1 copy

Project 365 | 16 – 17 – 18

Yes…I am combing days.  It’s been a little busy around here.  I did take the pictures on the days I was supposed to, but just now able to upload them.

Day 16 was Shoes.  I have a slight shoe obsession.  That I have passed onto my daughter, unfortunately, for both of our wallets!


Day 17 Leading lines.  Can you guess what it is?!?!?!


Kitchen floor…blinds….sun shining in…I had an idea of going out to the local park and getting the palm trees, but I never got around to doing it…so I looked for something at home!

Day 18…Relax.  Today is Sunday.  So, this is me…sitting on the couch, with my mink blanket, watching TV.  Reading the newspaper and drinking my hot tea.  I usually drink coffee, but I have had a sore throat all weekend, and trying to help soothe it with green tea and honey.  In case you were wondering, it is a Kansas City Chiefs blanket and I was watching HGTV…love me some HGTV!!


Project 365 | 15


I’m glad that I decided to follow the prompts from The Bethadilly Challenge.  I’m not sure what I would take pictures of everyday!  This really makes me think of what I can take a picture of and try different things with them!

I started getting emails and blog posts from The Milky Way…it’s a great website of resources for photographers…especially new ones like me!  I got this calendar as a download for the new year.  Set my goals and action plans for the year.  Time to kick it into high gear with my photography business.

I also have a one year old photo shoot set up for next month…so I need to get my butt in gear and paint a couple items before then.  So, my to-do is to fill out my calendar and get my things painted!


I’ve also bought a monthly calendar to keep track of my appointments…between the photo shoots, and the military functions I need to attend with my husband, I need to see what’s going on on a daily/weekly basis…